Coaching Explained

Our Understanding of Coaching

To invest in people reckons with each new project, to invest in a project reckons only once.

“You cannot solve a problem from the same consciousness that created it. You must learn to see the world anew.” said Albert Einstein. A challenge is becoming a problem for us, when when our present way of thinking is not sufficient to find a solution.

One of the key responsibilities of coach is to support the coachee in the process of raising their way of thinking and bring it to a higher level. The coach therefore helps the cochee in the reflection of self, the perception of the situation and ‘mirrors’ the behavior towards  the coachee. The coach is not offering solutions (immediately), however is leading the coachee to use their own skills and compentencies, in a way to solve the problem and /or tackle the challenge in an effective manner.

Recognize the Quality

Experienced Coaches know how to;

  1. establish a relationship of trust without the use of their hierarchie or position,
  2. stay on the same eye level with their coachees – even in situations of conflict,
  3. evoke a new way of thinking by the coachee, by asking the right questions,
  4. focus constantly on the couchee and continue to withdraw themselves,
  5. initiate an experience for the coachee inwhich they ‘encounter’ themselves,
  6. challenge the coachee to take responsiblity for their actions and behavior,
  7. encourage the coachee in times of stress and challenges,
  8. help the coachee to reach their full potential,
  9. support the coachee to implement the things they learned
  10.  further advance the personal development of the cochee


Everytime / Everywhere

Advantages of Online Coaching

  • die Kommunikationsmittel mit Smartphone oder Notebook und Webcam garantieren eine hohe Flexibilität,
  • als Begleitung in einem dynamischen Denkprozess sind regelmäßig kürzere Sessions empfehlenswert,
  • alle Sitzungen können unabhängig von Uhrzeit und Ort (von Coach und Coachee) abgehalten werden,
  • Zeit und Kosten für Anreise der beiden Personen sind nicht mehr aufzuwenden,
  • ausführliches Rückfragen bei einem bestimmten Handlungsbedarf ist jederzeit möglich,
  • der Coach kann als ständig abrufbarer Begleiter zur Verfügung stehen.


Our Online Coaching Tool

GoToMeeting of Citrix


“With Rob Bots as my Personal Online Coach I can regularly schedule a meeting – quick, fast and easy. Great, when I need some immediate feedback and I happen to be at my home office. I like to have support from somebody who started to become familiar with my working situation and daily challenges and… who has a lot experience in life.”